Monday, November 16, 2009

Introduction to Nurnberg

Nurnberg ("Nuremberg") is very centrally located in Germany. Because of this it has always been one of the major cities of the region. It's a perfect place to spend a day and see the sights. The old city area is located near the train station and has many Medieval buildings, castles, and churches. The other "must see" area is the Nazi Rally Grounds and its documentation center. Supposedly, the Nazi Rally Grounds area is the most impressive Nazi sight to be seen in all of Germany. Nurnberg is famous for its little Nurnberger Bratwurst which are spicier and better tasting than the normal brat. You can buy three of them on a roll for really cheap at many vendor stands, which makes for a nice fast-food lunch. I'll have some more blog entries to break down Nurnberg into more manageable pieces.

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