Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oriental Antiquities in the Louvre

Call me weird, but I'm not all that interested in seeing the Egyptian antiquities in the Louvre. There's a huge section of them, but nothing that I just can't stand to miss. On the other hand, there are several objects in the Oriental antiquities that I am fascinated with. Hammurabi's Codex, shown above, is one item I don't want to miss. This thing comes from a time possibly as old as Abraham and he may have even seen one just like this in his day.
Or how about this Assyrian winged bull which the Assyrian King Sargon II had built at his palace? This is the king who took the ten tribes of Israel captive and destroyed the northern kingdom. His name is mentioned in Isaiah 20:1. Do you think Jonah saw some of these very statues when he visited Ninevah? Incredible! These are two things I'd love to see.

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