Sunday, June 28, 2009

Other Stuff in the Louvre

Besides just having art, sculpture, and ancient history stuff, the Louvre also houses many priceless antiques from the last 1,000 years. Some of these may be more interesting to people in our group than any amount of art pieces.

This first piece picture above is the actual writing desk of Queen Marie Antoinette. This is the queen that the French revolutionaries sent to the guillotine.

Next up is the scepter of King Charles V of France.

This third piece is the jewel cabinet of Empress Josephine, Napolean's wife. Pretty impressive cabinet work, if you ask me.

This fourth piece is the actual helmut of King Charles IX of France. His shield is also in the museum. Doesn't look very comfortable, does it?

This last piece is the crown of Empress Eugenie. She was the wife of Napolean III. This impressive crown contains countless diamonds and emeralds.
There are also lots of tapestries and other antiques that the French call "objets d'art." You can also see the living apartments of Napolean III in the Louvre. They are supposedly set up just as they were during his reign in the mid-1800's when he lived there.

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