Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Un-Romantic Rhine

Mainz Cathedral

In Rick Steves' Germany guidebook, he has a small section on where NOT to go in the Rhine valley of Germany. He really bashes the university town of Heidelberg. He calls it "stained almost beyond recognition by commercialism." Harsh words for a town that is so popular with tourists. Even more interesting is this quote: "Mainz, Wiesbaden, and Rudesheim - These towns are all too big or too famous. They're not worth your time. Mainz's Gutenberg Museum is also a disappointment." Wow! Mainz is one of the towns we may be spending time in. Despite this, I still would like to see the Gutenberg Museum but maybe I'd be willing to just do a quick trip through the museum then move on to other better towns. Jeff, do you have any ideas about this? Anybody else?


  1. Quick trip through sounds good. I guess we will know more when we get there?

  2. Jeff and I have been doing lots of research on where to go while we're in Europe. We are very undecided on details of exactly where we'll be going. We'd love any input from others.