Thursday, July 30, 2009

Intro to Germany

Berg Eltz

Germany is about half the size of Texas. It has the Alps in the South, coastal flatlands in the North, and forests and hills in between. It is home to bucket-loads of history. There are many wonderful museums, outdoor vistas, some of the best castles in the world, and cathedrals that will be awe-inspiring. There is no way our trip will be able to encompass all of Germany, so we'll likely be focusing on several specific areas. It's also famous for all types of sausages. There is not nearly as much food variety to be had in Germany as in France, but it makes up for it by being a little cheaper. Over the next number of blog entries, I'll hit some of the many sights that may be part of our itinerary. We'll probably be travelling through the Black Forest region, then into the Rhine River region (which is full of castles and history), then across country to Berlin. Perhaps we'll see some sights between the Rhine and Berlin as well. I've already made blog entries on some of the German stuff and will not repeat those. Look for the "Germany" label on the right side of this blog page for other earlier posts on this country.

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