Sunday, July 5, 2009


How do I start telling about the Versailles Palace and Gardens? This is the most famous palace in the world and perhaps the greatest symbol of opulance in existence. It was built by Louis XIV to showcase the riches and power of France. Virtually all palaces are measured up against this one - and they all fall short. Pictures can't do it justice because it's so massive they can't capture it. Versailles is a short trip away from Paris and we should definitely give it a good half-day to get a glimpse of it at all. I don't think we'll have time to really do this place justice. It will probably be best for us to do a quick tour of the palace and maybe a cursory walk through the gardens. We just don't have time to view anything else. The lines to get into this place are as opulant as the palace, so we should plan on getting here early in the morning. The Paris Museum Pass allows skipping of the ticket line, but you still have to go through the security check line. Also, there are few bathrooms here, so the lines are long there too.

The most famous room of the Versailles chateau is the Hall of Mirrors. This is where the Treaty of Versailles to end WWI was signed.

The gardens of Versailles are truly magnificent. You could spend days just meandering around in them.

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